Traveling in Ireland I met a very special and happy girl, Sarah. She lives in Ireland. Sarah is able to walk small distances and needs every now and then a lot of heavy equipment for breathing. According the system she would get a full electrical wheelchair…. Due to her therapist and parents she was able to get a normal adapted wheelchair. Stylite Designs Ltd. in Cork Island, built her a custom made wheelchair which can grow with her. They even designed a trailer for all the breathing equipment (max 18kg) so she always has her equipment when she needs it. Because of the weight, Stylite Designs Ltd added the Decon E-Move so Sarah is able to drive without being aware of the equipment she is carrying. Isn’t it great? Please share this message if you feel to.


“It’s now 16 years since we bought my daughter Sarah’s first wheelchair when she was just 2 years old.  Enable Ireland recommended Donal at Stylite Designs to us at that time and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else since then. Donal is great – he really listens to us and more importantly he always listens to Sarah to make sure she gets what she wants. It was very important to us that Sarah had a chair that wasn’t clinical looking and Donal always comes up with a wide range of colours and options to provide Sarah with wheelchairs that are comfortable, modern and give her a high degree of independence. We’ve most recently purchased the e-Move which has been an ideal compromise between using a manual chair to help maintain upper body strength and having the option for a boost of power when it’s needed. Donal is very flexible working around our needs. Anytime we’ve ever had any difficulties, he’s always been at the end of the phone with advice and he can be relied on to help us sort it out.”

Yvonne, mum of Sarah S.

A Stylite client for over 16 years

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