About Stylite Designs

Our History

Stylite Designs opened its doors back in 1983 with the objective of designing and manufacturing a lightweight wheelchair that could be easily modified to provide the perfect fit for the user.

Up until then, Stylite founder Donal Buckley, himself a wheelchair user, had first-hand experience of the difficulties in finding wheelchairs that fit, both for him and many of his friends. Even today, most off-the-shelf wheelchairs are based on a standard shape that scales up and down in size only. This doesn’t suit wide/short people or long/narrow people and for many simply does not provide an acceptable level of comfort.

While still at college Donal developed the idea of designing wheelchairs based on using building blocks (similar to the concept of LegoTM), with many interchangeable parts, which could be assembled to match the unique size and shape of the individual.  Stylite Designs has now been providing custom built wheelchairs for over 30 years and has added a number of additional mobility solutions to its range over the years.

Still at the helm at Stylite, Donal never tires of seeing happy customers wheel out the door, especially the kids!  “If we can provide kids with that additional independence and freedom they need to get up to mischief if they want to, then I’m a happy man!”

Being a wheelchair user himself gives Donal a unique insight into the needs and desires of customers, motivating every member of the team at Stylite to provide the best possible solutions for every individual.


Building to Requirement - The Initial Concept

Founder Donal Buckley developed Stylite’s initial concept of designing wheelchairs using building blocks (similar to using LegoTM), with many interchangeable parts, that could be assembled to match the unique size and shape of the individual.

The first models of the FreewheelerTM had:

  • 3 side frames lengths
  • 10 folding widths
  • 3 hanger angles
  • 2 armrest styles
  • 2 backrest styles
  • 4 wheel options.

This provided the user with 3 x 10 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 4 = 1,440 wheelchair combinations.

Back then, all wheelchairs supplied were black and sold at a set, all-in price.

Users needing a 13” wide by 17” depth chair paid the same as those opting for a 17” wide by 13” depth chair.

No wheelchair was pre-built – so the end product was always based on the individual’s unique needs… and not on what we had to sell.

The next big change was to integrate posture management as an integral part of the wheelchair. At the time, slung canvas seats with whoopee cushions seemed to rule the day! Breaking with the established norms once again, Donal issued all FreewheelerTM wheelchairs with timber based foam cushions.

Finally users could access wheelchairs that were built to suit their shape and provided a huge increase in comfort.

Who we are today

Today, Stylite continues to provide mobility solutions based on the built to requirement concept. Our product range has expanded and evolved to the largest range of custom-built manual and powered wheelchairs, seating and posture solutions available in Ireland.

ScampTM Our range of self-propelling and tilt-in-space wheelchairs for kids
SonicTM Our range of self-propelling wheelchairs for older kids and teenagers
PiVoTTM A wide range of tilt-in-space solutions for adults
FreewheelerTM Lightweight, folding and modular wheelchairs for adults
Powered Power options for almost every wheelchair supplied, including GTT P+, E-MoveTM, E-DriveTM & PETTM
SnappiTM A range of buggys for our youngest little scamps!
Indoor Mobile Base A range of High/Low chairs, again made-to-measure.

All frames provided come with 2000+ combination options, but if there is something uniquely required that’s not in our standard option combo, our fabrication unit will design and make it. User requirement remains the cornerstone of our business.

Our seating fabrication unit provides posture packs best suited to needs. These range from medium-risk cushions with tension-adjustable backs to full moulded foam shells.

We also supply one-off, full custom bespoke solutions.

Our solutions are light-weight, easy to fold and transport and provide the ultimate in comfort and support.

Our motivation remains as ever – to provide made-to-measure mobility solutions, offering a new independence for a life lived to the full.

Meet the team

Stylite Designs, Unit 37, Eastgate Drive, Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland. Tel. +353 (0)21 4355821  Email. info@stylitedesigns.com