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The Stylite Designs PiVoT™ is a tilt-in-space wheelchair which is durable, multi adjustable and comfortable. It offers adjustable seat width and depth, height adjustable armpads and tilt.

The PiVoT™ is a compact frame which makes it easy to go through narrow spaces. This chair is suitable for people who can readily propel themselves as the rear-wheels are close to the user. The PiVoT™ is available with transit and self propelling wheels leaving options for users of different abilities. There are many wheel options available for this frame from manual to power. The tilt in space function is also available in manual or power.

The frame offers excellent adaptability and allows for easy customisation to suit individual requirements with various levels through the ability to mount many seating options.

Product Range PiVoT
Model A S P
Description Attendant Tilt in Space Self Propelling Tilt in Space Attendant Powered Tilt in Space
Manual / Power Manual Manual Manual
Weight Limit (Load Capacity) 125kg 125kg 125kg
Seat Width 36 – 52 cm 36 – 52 cm 36 – 52 cm
Growth Increments 2.5cm 2.5cm 2.5cm
Seat Depth 36 – 60 cm 36 – 60 cm 36 – 60 cm
Back Height 40-58 cm 40-58 cm 40-58 cm
Leg Length 26-50 cm 26-50 cm 26-50 cm
Frame Material PTG 700 Steel Yes Yes Yes
Rear Wheels 16″ 20″, 22″ 12″
Front Wheels/Castors 5″, 6″, 7″ 5″, 6″, 7″ 5″, 6″, 7″
Product Weight from 12kg 12kg 12kg
Frame Width 35-50 cm 35-50 cm 35-50 cm
Frame Depth 35-50 cm 35-50 cm 35-50 cm
Rigid/Folding Rigid Rigid Rigid
Tilt Up to 45° Up to 30° Up to 45°
Power or Manual Tilt Mechanism M & P M & P P
Attendant Joystick Control N/a N/A Yes
Folding Push Handles Yes Yes Yes
Height Adjustable Push Handles Yes Yes Yes
Swing Away Anti – Tippers Yes Yes Yes
Seating Options:
Wide range of seating –
basic to complex moulds available
Yes Yes Yes
Optional Modular Backrests Yes Yes Yes
Detachable Backrest Yes Yes Yes
Detachable Arm Rest Yes Yes Yes
Power Options:
Power Accessory Option Yes Yes Yes
GTT P+ No No No
E Move Option Option Option
E Drive Option Option Option
Footrest Options:
Flip-up Yes Yes Yes
Elevating Yes Yes Yes
1pc Detachable Yes Yes Yes
2pc Swing Away No No No



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